FIRSTUI :: SharedObjects

class first_plugin_ida.first.FIRSTUI[source]
class SharedObjects[source]
static get_config(obj)[source]
static make_match_info(match, full=True, check_all=True)[source]

Build a tree item for a function_ea node (level-1) This is the function match information (name, prototype, rank) @param function_context: a dbFunction_Context object @return: QStandradItemModel item for the function context

static make_model_headers(model, full=True, check_all=True)[source]

Set the model horizontal header data @param model: the QStandardItemModel which headers should be set

When full is set to False this mean the headers are for the user to review metadata they’ve created.

static server_config_layout(obj, outer_layout, config=None)[source]

Server Configuration GUI components

static test_connection(obj)[source]